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After-sales Service Of Doors And Windows Stamping Die

Taizhou Huangyan Master Mold Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Small make up accidentally enter a door window group, see somebody is in response to complain a machine manufacturer, bought equipment arrive factory, have after sale problem unexpectedly find not.

To the person, the customer atmosphere is in each big door and window group to send not the information, so that everybody is this manufacturer is so irresponsible, only sells the goods, regardless of sale.

After, the factory that does not have after sale service is quite horrible, sell go to go to the whole thing no matter, leave a buyer a face, now this society, buy is.

One can rest assured, a service, if not even the most basic of all, no cheaper I also do not.

We have a special after-sales team, and pan always attaches great importance to this.

The importance of the after-sales service is not afraid of problems, so we are afraid that the problem will not be solved in a timely manner. It is quite tedious to customize the stamping mould of doors and Windows.

There are many problems that need to be communicated. Sometimes, it is impossible to encourage the mold to reach the customers. We need the technology to communicate with them, but we can't find the key moment.

People, this is very depressed, so we set up special technical after-sales team.